I have questions

I am just beginning in OpenGL… say… a few days
ago. I haven’t had many source sample program in C++,
but some in Delphi. But something I can’t understand.
Why all demo (in Delphi) source program in OpenGL
never use reserved unit (OpenGL.pas) in their code?
They always create their own unit even for loading
OpenGL/GLU library.

Now as I started programming, I found that
ChoosePixelFormat() function cannot return a
successful result unless the OpenGL32/GLU32 library
are loaded. But, I couldn’t found any documentation
about that. Do I miss something or what?

I am trying to use VC++ for programming OpenGL, as I
am new in VC++ too. But an error occured when I tried
to call wglMakeCurrent with error message sent by VC++
IDE: “…unresolved external symbol
__imp__wglMakeCurrent@4”. What happened?

Please help me, and thankyou for your concern.

ChoosePixelFormat has “nothing” to do with opengl. it is an MS Windows specific function that sets up the device context opengl is running in. opengl itself is platform independed. so you can use it with linux, solaris, aix, beos, windows and so on if there is opengl available. opengl doesn’t care for stuff like setting up resolutions and color depth. this part is left to the developer under a specific system.

your unresolved external is caused by a missing library, called opengl32.lib. look into the thread “lost gl.h” (one above yours when i wrote this).


just download a zip for your system, which includes all *.h, *.dll, and *.lib for micro$oft techs (not for borland)