I Have a Trident... Dose it Supoort Open GL?

I Have a Trident… Dose it Supoort Open GL?

So its a Trident?
Which one?

You: “Doctor its hurts! You MUST help me.”
Doctor: “Hmmm, so its hurts and WHERE???”

its a trident 8400 PCI/AGP and i i really need to kno if and were i can get a opengl for it…is there one i can get on opengl.org

That’s an embedded graphics chip. You should contact the manufacturer of your motherboard, and see if they offer an updated video driver. If not, you can try this link, there is a driver linked down the page, but I don’t know what it supports, so use at your own risk:

I have a weird Trident graphics card problem.
My have a laptop Compaq Armada 100S with CyberBlade i7 card in it. When I run w98 opengl based games/programs they run fine but when I change to w2k, opengl progs slow down. And I mean ALOT. in w98 fps was around 100fps and in w2k its about 1fps. I installed the same drivers I had in 98 but it didnt work. Anybody with the same problem?

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Thanks yakuza but how can i find out wot it supports??