I have a problem with my automatic coffe cup holder.

The automatic coffee cup holder on the front of my computer doesn’t seem to be working. Earlier yesterday, my 12-year old daughter put a cd into it. Now whenever I switch it on it starts playing britney spears. No matter how much i try, i just can’t fit my coffee cup into the coffee holder, with the cd in it. Is this supposed to happen? I used to get a lot of enjoyment, just playing on my computer, and when i got a coffee i could just press the eject button on the front of my computer and voila!, the automatic coffee cup holder would come out. Please I really can’t take any more “hit me baby one more time”, i just want the holder back. Any more of this and i maight have to buy a new computer.

Does anyone know how to make my floppy drive a hard drive? , only i think i spilled a bit of a budweiser light on it, and now its just not the same. Oh well I just suppose thats the effect booze has.


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gillbates, your problem is that this is not a cup holder. It’s a cucumber slicer. With the CD in, you might be limited to smaller cucumbers. You must remember to sharpen it once in a while – it’s very important to perform maintenance on your computer.