I hate choices !!!


I started coding 3D some weeks ago, and really don’t know to choose DirectX or OpenGL.

Now, please don’t shoot me, but it really is hard.

As my main interest is demo coding, I want to have some 2D effects OVER my 3D rendered scene. In OPENGL you can render to a texture and manipulate the texture, there are pbuffers, … but I did not find such thing in DX8.1 ? Do they exist ?
So, I thought OpenGL would be my future !
I love the clear commands, and especially the devotion of its users. And for music I will use FMOD anyway.

On the other hand, DX follows and dictates the hardware business, so if a want the newest effects, I have no other choice than DX 8.1, right ?

So, my final question : are pixel and vertex shaders supported in OpenGL, and how long will it take before the DX9 features will be available ?


I think that openGL should defenetly be your answer. Shading is perfect and almost everithing connected to polygons is good in openGl. It is very easy to write the features that you want in openGl as well.

You can do all the shading and vertex stuff DX can do. Also, when something new comes up (even better pixel shaders, or so), you only need the newest driver for your graphics card and then you can use the new stuff (if your graphics card does support it with the new driver). This is done via “extensions”. In DX you always have to wait for the next DX release until you can use it.
So OpenGL should definitely be better for you.


Not again the monthly DX vs OpenGL thread…

Use the search function of this board to get lots of comparisions to the everlasting DX vs OpenGL debate!


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How about I just pour a few gallons of gasoline in this room and strike a match …