I got cg Toolkit now how

please reply cause i m not experienced in this toolkit
I got cg toolkit

now how it do asembling for me
and also i never worked with assambely language in programming(not even for calculaters)
do it convert C to asembling
Anyone have idea
any suggetion appretiated

cgc.exe -oglsl -profile arbvp1 VERTEX.TXT
cgc.exe -oglsl -profile arbfp1 -profileopts MaxDrawBuffers=4,NumTemps=32,MaxTexIndirections=4,MaxLocalParams=224 FRAGMENT.TXT

You’d have found-out this in 2 minutes if you tried to read the docs :(.

I think inexperienced people should first look at the docs provided, then search with google, then try things themselves, and only in the end bug other people about it.
Notice how few to no-one replies to you anymore. You create a new topic here for every tiny road-block you meet. Like the PM you sent, about getting many errors in compilation: read the error-info, it’s telling you what you did wrong.