first, download Win2K-XP_23.11 and install it, its a very old version of a NVIDIA driver, you can find it on kazaa if you do a web search.
after you do that reboot, then uninstall counter-strike and any counter-strike bots, then delete the counter-strike folder in your harddrive, then reinstall counter-strike and the patch and it should work, thats what i did, you will know it works cause then it sets the video mode to openGL by default, if it doesnt does that then your computer is wacked or your video card is wacked or you did something wrong OR your video card does not support openGL, i did this and it actually works!!! i thought i got a defective piece of NVIDIA technology but then i got it to work!!! woot!!!..

Whenever I try to downgrade my video driver by clicking on the setup application, the computer tells me to uninstall the current driver. When I do this (because I believe in everything Microsoft tells me - sad person I am), it then insists that I restart the computer. After booting up, it cleverly re-installs the same current video driver so when I try to install the other driver, the same event sequence happens.

The other way I have tried is to go into the Device Manager and ‘upgrade’ the driver. Because the driver that I am trying to install is older, the smart alec computer system says that the current video driver is the best one so does not allow me to install on top of it. I seem to be in a no WIN(pardon the pun) situation