I can't understand the Pipeline mechanism of OpenGL,could you explain it?

Does pipeline describe the steps I take in order to render 3d geometry onto the screen,or it is the flow of bytes between your local RAM and the memory on the videocard?
Could you explain the Pipeline mechanism clearly? Any diagram is OK!
Thanks very much!


The pipeline describe the steps OpenGL takes to get the final data into the framebuffer.
The road from glTexCoord2f(), glVertex3f() etc. to the nice final picture.

But I think OpenGl pipeline should have some special function, such as improving speed,etc.
Is it similar like CPU pipeline?

Really, it isn’t anything the user needs to concern one’s self with. As long as you understand how the functions work, you know what you need to.

annabell, OpenGL does increase speed.

OpenGL drastically increases speed when you use things like vertex arrays and display lists