I cant run Nwn Or moh

Hello, I have a problem with Nwn And Moh. First When i Try To play Neverwinternights The Movies at The Start Goes Fine but Then when i enter the game I CANT SEE NOTHING! the screen is totally black all i can see is the Cursor…When I entered the settings it said I had some problems with the opengls settings same Thing that i got in halflife(counter-strike) but when i looked here it said that open gl was included with winxp i got a PIII 1ghz Computer with 256mb ram if anyone know what is causing this i would really appreciate The help :s…and Second When i try to play mEdal of honor-allied assault it says opengl System not found or something like that…i read Trinitons mail about that but when i entered win.ini it didnt say anything about the Dvc File …if anyone could plz help i would be very Thankful (sorry for the bad english)