I cant play return to castle wolfenstein

i’m new at this forum thing but anyways, when i try to play wolfenstein it says it cant load openGL… how am i supposed to fix this prob, i also looked for open gl and windows me doesnt support it… what should i do?

Windows Me? … ohhh you should not ask about tha on a linux forum… obviously the best place to ask that is in the Mac forum

Originally posted by OldMan:
obviously the best place to ask that is in the Mac forum

Hey! We have to put up with enough over there without this sort of behavior from people who should know better

To the OP: There’s a forum on this site specifically dedicated to such questions. You’ll probably get a better response there. In fact if you search you can probably find the answers there… User Hardware, Software and Gaming Help

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It is just a way to say "Wrong forum!!! Hello read the title!!! "… asking about win me in a linux forum is far more strange than asking it in advanced forum.

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