I cannot initialize openGL on my computer

I tried following the youtube tutorial “Setting up OpenGL and Creating a Window in C++” by The Cherno as closely as possible.
But all I got was the error LNK4098 and 111 other errors upon compilation.
Can you explain why?

Given the information you’ve provided about the only thing people here can tell you is that there is something different between what you are doing and the author of the tutorial you are following; either there is a difference in environment (installed tools/packages or their locations) or you have some other mistake. Suggestions for making posts that have a higher chance of getting helpful replies are in the Forum Posting Guidelines.

Errors from your build tools are somewhat normal and you’ll have to get used to understanding them and taking the necessary steps to correct them - compile errors are much easier to address than runtime errors as such you shouldn’t treat the compiler as an adversary, it is trying to help, but it’s just a computer program and cannot “do what you mean” only what you tell it to do.

Anyway, look at the first compiler error (all others could be follow on errors) and try to address that. Or are you actually saying you are only getting linker errors? Regardless, using your favorite search engine leads to this page explaining what the linker error is about - you are trying to link together incompatible libraries (possibly a mixture of debug and release versions?). Since you’ve not shown how your linker is called I cannot help identifying which libraries are incompatible, but that’s where you need to start looking.