I burned myself on my Riva TNT card!

Ouch! I just switched off my secondary machine which has a Creative Labs Riva TNT 1 card with 16MB of ram and the heatsink was sooo hot I almost burned my finger! I’m not kidding here.It’s like touching a soldering iron while it’s on! Any ideas as to why it’s running so hot? I haven’t even played a single game on that system.(It’s main purpose is a web server running Mandrake 7.2) This has me really worried since it never used to do that before.Thanx for any help

No chance of overclocking it then!!!

Seriously, I don’t really know. Is your system (FSB) overclcoked becuase that might cause it toover heat but I think you would know this. Put a probe on the GFX and find out when it gets hot.

Just wondering - do you always touch the heat sink when you switch your computer off?

ET3D: No I don’t It was only this time that I did because I actually felt the heat coming out of my tower case on the floor! Needless to say,that’s pretty hot.My processor isn’t warm though so I’m kind of confused as to why this is happening.

Perhaps one of your fans failed, or one of the chassis ducts is clogged up with dust. Have your maid vaccuum the inside of your computer once a month.

It has nothing to do with that.It’s just my video card.It’s REALLY REALLY warm and I have not overclocked my MoBo or anything crazy like that.I’m only running a PII 350 on a 2 year old MoBo (It used to work fine 2 years ago though )

Those things should really have temperature and fan sensors like modern CPUs and motherboards have.

I have a process (under Linux) that monitors my CPUs and motherboard, and alerts me if my fans’ RPMs drop, or if the temperature goes to high, or if the voltages on the various circuits go wonky, etc.

(Or, maybe they already have them, and I just don’t know about it…)

THe heatsinks on the TNT1’s get very hot!
I too, know it from experience
I measured the actual temp taken from the back of the core and it recorded 66 degrees celcius when running 3dMark2000. Imagine how hot the actual core would be!!

I remember reading that Asus has temperature sensors and temperature sensor utilities for their cards… I wouldn’t know, seeing as I only work with reference boards and reference drivers.

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