I beg u all Please help me!!!!!!

This is a post reposted. in case u would miss it it referes to the Topic OpenGL Crashing

I seem to suffer from the same problems as u guys, except that my grapic used to work without a problem, suddenly one day after months several months the goddamn opengl and d3d applications started to freeze well at first they froze just for a short while but after a while this lead to completly freezing the system which forced me to reboot my computer. Well this problem have gotten worse now. As soon as i try to run quake3 it freezes in the game menu!! Somtimes i can enter the game and it freezes within a minut or 2. The most odd thing is that the bloody computer have started to freeze in windows!! damn i have spent 2 days to solve this problem mixing withing the setup etc etc (though i dont know what the hell one should do in there )
Ok well i got a 5169 mobo from microstar a amd k6III 450 geforce sdr.

The windows freezing thing started reacently when i had a pcmcia card installed in the isa port. i changed the setup to configure for optimal settings. yeah there i go now windows wont freeze again. But it has one time or 2 times though. Well but now i cant play any games any more cus they will freeze after a few mins.

Is it possible that i could of changed soething important in the setup for this problem to arise? if so give me some examples of what i should do

well i have the latest mobo bios graphic drivers. everything except this gl setup.
Could this solve the problem for me?
Is it worth spending the 3 hours downloading this huge file?

Ok i could solve this problem by buying a new computer and belive me i would do that if i would have the cash to do so, but i dont. I cant live without playing my favourite game quake3! I would be satisfied to have the problem solved to the old freezing once in 3-4 hours or so, but now i cant even get the damn game to work.

This is odd cus there was a time when it didnt freeze at all!

I have solved a little part of my problem now to the cost of preformance. I was out in the setup and modified some things, dont ask me what i did. Well i now get 70fps in timedemo 1 instead of the 104 i used to get.
Well i dont care anymore this problem is taring me apart. The system still locks and i hear a continuous sound. But not as often as it used to, well it can look with in 5 min but it can be runing for anhour, dont think ive managed to keep it running longer than that.

Well i dont know if this has something to do with my problem but sometimes i get this blue screen when starting my computer

Error 0E by 0028:FF049003 in VxD

This was called from 0028:C18861FA7 in VxD
or 0028:C16629D5 in VxD

after that screen when i press esc i get this blue screen:


When these screens appears in the startup i have to reboot cus the system locks by a black screen. But an odd thing is that the screens doesnt come everytime i start the computer only on some occasions. I use to reboot my comp until they disappear so i can get in to windows.

Dont ask me to re format my harddrive cus i have done that like 6 times these last 2 days!

I would overhelm YOU with grattitude if You could tell me whats the matter with those screens and what one should do about it
Should i change something in the setup?

Apparently did they come when i changed somethings in the setup. They werent there before, but i dont want to change anything there anymore cus i can play my games for awhile sometimes without the system hanging for me. Well if u have a sulotion that means i have to do that i will do it but u need to tell me exactly what to do…

I would be in love with u for the rest of my life if u could help me out!!

I got 3 things on IRQ 9 i dont know what it is but can it be a problem?

ALi PCI USB Open Host controller
SCi IRQ which is used by ACPI-buss

Sandra showed this to me what does it mean?
SMBIOS/DMI information may be inaccurate

You might need a new hard drive or a new vertion of windows

How do you know that?

Well It might be a Harddrive failure.
Do a total scan of the hardrive to see if you have information in bad clusters, or just bad clusters

i dont have any bad clusters. I got one problem though since i installed the pcmcia card into the isa slot the computer wont turn off like it used to. I stopps when u see the screen closing windows. And i have to boot it manually.