I am using C# and Open GL.

Does anyone have experience? I would like to see a couple of examples. Is someone going to translate NEHE examples into C#?

some time back NEHE posted that he was working with C#, I expect that at some point he will post some his examples in it.

Originally posted by John Jenkins:
Does anyone have experience? I would like to see a couple of examples. Is someone going to translate NEHE examples into C#?

I hope so I don’t even know where to start. Right now I am looking for the reference to the Open GL library.

Not that i have done any but you definately want to follow some links from this site:

Anyone got any input on this? Using .Net to to GL stuff has gotta be a waste of time hasnt it? surly the overhead in the run time, and the fact it compiles everything only as it uses it means it is no good for opengl stuff where rendering speed is important?

ok, you don’t ignore the recent strategy of microsoft, palladium, and the like, do you ?

If they work so hard at wiping the concurrence, do you really hope that they’ll continue to tolerate opengl for a long time ?

I think that using opengl + ms proprietary crap is not clairvoyant, since they’ll do their best to make it incompatible, or if they can’t, they’ll add some random crashes in it.

you may choose to use c#, .net and opengl together today, but then there’s not guarantee that it will work in 3 years


I have downloaded a couple of libraries to use with C#. I don’t have a choice of what I use. My boss said we are using C# and OpenGL. So far I have been unsuccessful in installing the C# OpenGL library. I am running XP professional and the company just put the latest service pack on. I say that because one of the installs said there was an error with the service pack.

Morglum, you are sounding a bit like a conspiracy theory fanatic.

So far as the original question, pretty much all the examples I’ve seen have used that csgl library. I once tried getting OpenGL to work in C# by going right to the opengl and gdi dlls, but there were problems somewhere in setting up the pixelformat, likely due to the marshalling between managed and unmanaged code. The CSGL library gets around that by doing that part of it in a C DLL, then just calling into that DLL.

BTW, something for the conspiracy theory fanatics to chew on. DirectX 8 doesn’t work too well in C# either. People doing so have needed to use some ugly work arounds from what I’ve heard. DirectX 9 is supposed to provide managed wrappers to make that cleaner, but that doesn’t help much until that is released.

I know what you’re referring to, Deiussum

However this time it’s different from all what we’ve seen before. Palladium sure has huge anticoncurrential potential. And for the ‘random crashes’, it’s not an invention of mine, but something ms has already done (can’t remember where and when, desperately looking for the link where I have learned that.)

anyway, here are some links about Palladium
http://forum.deviantart.com/403142 http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~rja14/tcpa-faq.html http://www.infowarrior.org

I’ve got many more if you want. There are news on this topic everyday on slashdot, theregister and theinquirer.

ok maybe I’m a bit too afraid… don’t know