I am trying to implement OpenGL|ES on T-Shell

I am trying to implement opengl|ES on T-engine using T-Shell. Can nay body give me an idea how to use the EGL specifications to achieve this ?

I do not know about commercial offerings so far; try contacting Hybrid (links on this web page).

I have no experience with a t-engine, but from what I found on the web it has an SH7727 CPU, which is StrongARM compatible.
So, if you are interested in experimenting with the API, both Vincent and Klimt
should be starting points for you.

You’d need to adjust the bindings into the OS though. For Vincent, this is especially the implementation of eglSwapBuffers, and the Surface (which right know creates a Windows DIB section as color buffer) cl***. And, of course, both Daniel & I are grateful for any additonal platform support added…

Hope that helps,

PS: Before I forget: Both Klimt & Vincent currently ***ume a 16-bit RGB565 color buffer.

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Dear Mr Hans-Martin Will,

Thanks a lot for your reply. I have just downloaded some documentation and source code files from the two sites. The Cpu is a SH7727. I have currently installed T-engine develpment environment in linux PC and exploring the graphics library provided by the T-Kernel extension. My objective is to combine those functions provided in
T-kernel extension with OpenglES using EGL.
I will keep you updated with all the development on my front. My yahoo e-mail id is paranjpesandeep@yahoo.com. May i have yours ? Thanks again for your valuable suggestion.


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