I am terribly new to this OpenGL

Hi, My nick is Maxine and i have been using c++ for a while noe. I got a hung of it. I got in to >the OpenGL now and i dont understand nothing. I have the book “Beginning OpenGL game programming”
When i want to make a basic triangle i just cant make it. Even if i copy the code from the cd, coming with the book it still gives errors. There is a tutorial here on the site where you make a black square with a white square in it. I copy the code and still errors. Probably i need some libraries… Some #include… I just dont get anything. So if you where going to make a complete new opengl guy learn how to make a triangle how would you explain it?..

Thanks in advance // Maxine

You need to include gl/gl.h and you need to like to the opengl library on your platform. You need to create a context before rendering in your code.

You could start by posting your errors here. Start with the first error that’s usually the culprit.

Get specific, don’t waffle vaguely about errors.

Differentiate between compile errors, link errors and runtime errors.

http://nehe.gamedev.net -> Tutorials

I think that you did not connect the libraries to your project. Just open the next: Project->Properties->Linker->CommandLine and type: opengl.lib (if you using only OpenGL) and glut32.lib glu32.lib glaux.lib if you using any other libraries.