I am new here!

Hello, everyone, I am new here.

Currently, I am doing a project regarding to OpenGL ES on cell phones. Which SDK do I need to learn? 1.0 or 2.0?

Where is the link to download it? Thanks a lot!

Is there any response to my question?

Thanks very much!

Hey Thereā€¦

You will need basically 3 things.

  • The SDK of the aimed platform
  • An implementation of the OpenGL ES to the platform
  • and an IDE could be useful

You can have a list of the OpenGL ES implementation on the site

The list doesnt show any OpenGL ES 2.0 implementation but i think PowerVR have an implementation.

Currently im using Vincent but i pretend change to another implementation soon, since i wanna run my application in Symbian OS.


Wendel B Silva

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