Huge Texture Problem

I have this huge texture 1024 x 256 and I apply this to a single quad. Its important for me to be able to zoom into it 2x. But my frame rate drops from 40 to 20.
Just curious if any veterans have workarounds for this, even if it doesn’t apply to me, I’d be interested.

One thought, this texture doesn’t have a wide gamut of colors, so I might be to get away with saving it off as a 24-bit, 16-bit, etc?

Anyways would love to hear from people.

You can use GL_RGB5 (no alpha) or GL_RGBA4 (with alpha) to use a 16 Bit texture. You have to use it as the internal-format-parameter in the glTexImage2D call.

Additionally you can create your quad out of a lot of smaller quads. When zooming in, this might help the card to cull big parts of the object.