HTML output from COLLADA document

I’m preparing a computer science degree thesis on xml-based 3d formats and i’m focusing on COLLADA. I have to write an application which has to take a .dae file as input and produce as output a HTML document describing in human language the content of the file.
Scene Contents

  • 7 solids
  • 2 cameras
  • 3 lights
    and so on… (just a simplified version)
    How can i do it? the solution to the problem is just xsl-related or i need to know/use something more? Are COLLADA specification and COLLADA schema enough to learn .dae format?
    Thx for your help!

The COLLADA schema, specification, and release notes document should be enough for you to get basic to advanced knowlege of the COLLADA format. As with everything in life, the more experience working with it the better you will understand, but reading those is a good start.

You can find them all at

Then after you understand the basics of the format I suggest using an API to introspect COLLADA documents. Either COLLADA DOM or FCOLLADA would be good. Even using a generic XML parser like libxml2 or xerces might suffice.