Howto realize reflections?

Hi there,

I would like to get some chrome-effect which should reflect the enviroment surrounding the object a bit, so I do not need high quality rendering.
Shaders are not that welcome :wink:

I just want to simulate the shiny effect of lacquer, are there any ways this could be done with a quality-speed tradeof, sice if I really would render the whole scene into a texture (like the mirror-examples do) this hits preformance a lot.

Thank you in advance, lg Clemens

spheremaps and cubemaps for reflection on curved objects

and on planar objects you use stencil buffer

Thanks a lot for the reply,

ah good to know since I did not even know where to start at all.

However do you know any way howto get pictures of the enviroment in a fast way? I need this technique for adding lacquer-effects to an open source car raing game, and here the shadows need to change frequently :frowning:

Thanks, lg Clemens

Btw. greetings from upper-austria (steyr).

The easiest thing is to take a screenshot of the static environment. This one is really fast.
But if you want to take care about dynamic stuffs for high details, you’ll have to draw your scene twice, first for your cubemap (and such), then for your normal drawing. You can do the cubemap (or such) rendering with a lesser resolution.

Hope that helps.