howto import into opengl a textured scene from 3ds

hello ,

this is my first post here , i hope i ll get a clear answer , beacuse i ve searched a lot and didn t find the right solution … so here it goes :

i started modelling with gmax last year , made some simple scenes with normal texturing and used GLM library to import the gmax scenes/objects .obj format into opengl applications.

recently i ve installed 3ds max 2011 and started with the tutorials and i was amazed with the results … the objects are beeing modeled really easy and i tried the different techniques from the Materials and Mapping Tutorials ( Normal Bump Mapping , Composite Mapping , Spline Mapping…) , which i found really cool and easy to use… but here comes my problem … i cant get the textures to be recognised in opengl . Im using GLM library to load the objects … i ve exported the scene in .obj format from 3ds max using the build in export tool . i get the .obj file , the .mtl file and in some cases (depending on the mapping technique) other map files .tga like Map__11_Gradient

i know i can use functions in opengl or blending techniques to get textures done … but i would like to know how to use the mapping and materials that i assigned in 3ds max with opengl.