Howto generate 3D Vertex Data

I am looking for a way to generate 3D Vertex Data to use in my ogl programm. Don’t know what is the ususal way to do this ? I have vertex data from a doge (car) here but really want data for a Jaguar ? Does anybody know any advice here ?


Use a modeling tool, for example with Blender you can export standard file out of a lot of 3D formats, then parse it in you application to generate OpenGL vertices.

In what part precisely do you need help ?

  1. Search the internet for free 3D models
  2. Create such model yourself using any 3D modelling application you prefer
    Then you just need to write or use existing code that loads such model from a file and renders it using OpenGL.

I’m using Blender (because it’s free) to create 3D models, then I use my own editor to apply materials.

Thanks for your quick response. I am writing a small application on the Coral PA wich already works spinning a Dodge. Our potential customer wants to replace it by a BMW. So what I need is the vertex data of a BMW. I give Blender a try.

define a vertex array
for example

then write a function to stuff the array with the color or someothers, looks like a look up table

draw a cube,with 3d texture coordinates after vertex,glTexCoord3f();glVertex3f();

do not forget to enable 3D texutre for your texture unit