How would you emulate OS X 's AQUA ?

Mac OS X 's aqua looks really great! How would one go about coding solids to look like Aqua in OpenGL? I played around with lighting and material but I can only get OpenGL to render out objects that look like shiny plastic. Sure shiny plastic looks ok… but I would like to know how to get your objects in OpenGL look like AQUA!!! Has anyone tried this before?

Maybe one of the higher level api’s on top of OpenGL already has this coded?


There are plenty of tutorials on the web on how to draw Aqua-style buttons. Here’s one: Google will find many others for you.

Maybe these tutorials can provide you with some ideas on how to mimick/fake the Aqua style in real-time 3D

  • Tom


From my browser, your link appears to be broken. Could you double check it for us?


Thanks Tom and Peter! Well, perhaps it can give some clues… I would guess that I’ll need to code not just lighting and materials, but maybe also some antialiasing, blending, and transparency as well to give that “candy” clear look… To pull it off, the objects are probably going to need alot of facets to make the object look smooth enough…


Mike, the problem with Tom’s link is the full stop at the end. Just remove it.