How to...

This one is for people that play Quake3.

This morning, I was playing in the Anarki map(q3tourney4) and I suddently stop in front of a door… I was wondering how the shinny effect on the door was made… It seem that its depending on somekind of opacity map, but… How its done?

Anyone got an idea?

Played that map too, also stopped in front of a door to look at the nifty effect It’s called environment mapping, some kind of reflection with a pre-rendered texture that’s mapped in a special way (don’t know how it works, but I must have a look at it bewcause it’s quite cool).

That I know but, if you look again on this door, you’ll see that there is only a part of the texture that got the reflection effect… I suppose it uses some kind of alpha test while processing the metal texture.

see if you can find the shader in the shader/texture dialog in qeradient, get it’s name and look for it in the shader text file - that should tell you exactly how the passes are being combined etc…