How to write something in a 3d world?

Hi Guys,
how can i use bitmaps fonts in 3d?
I know how to use in 2d but in 3d i think its not the same way


Bitmap fonts are 2D objects even in 3D, so there is no difference, OpenGL actually does not support 2D, everything is always 3D, you can use orthographic projection to make it look 2D, but is still 3D.


what i know is that opengl have 2 kinds of fonts.

Bitmap for 2d and Outline to moveable fonts.

When i tried to use outline, something is strange cause i dont give any coordinates to the function … just the word or phrase you want to show in the screen … doesnt have something that seems to bitmap? (bitmap you can give x,y axis)

When you draw something to the screen using outline fonts, you’re actually creating 3d geometric objects . Thus, their position, orientation and size are controlled by the modelview matrix transformations; glTranslate, glRotate and glScale.