how to use user interface in rotation of a sphere

I have to make a comet that has dust particles around it & when it will rotate then the dust particles will also change their position but the problem is I have to do this by using user interface i.e. by pressing arrow keys of keyboard the comet will change its position & hence the dust particles will also do d same.
plzz help me , provide me d code…its urgent!!!

Here is some D code for you:

// Hello World in D

import std.stdio;

void main()
writefln(“Hello World!”);

If this does not help look here and come back.

wat does dat mean???

Ohh mercy;-)
He meant, that your type of question is absolut insufficiant.
For example:
Which OS do you use? Language? (C/Java etc.) More precise question:
Bring up your code, bring up screenshots etc. Try to avoid emotional outbreaks or frustrations, clean up your mind and think about, what exactly you want to have and where exactly do you think the error might be.