How to use those professional card

I use RedHat Linux 7.3, can this OS detect these professional card and install drivers automatic? If not, how to install that drivers? I think it is difficult to install drivers in Linux.

I remember a case in Windows, once I can’t play Quake3 because of not installing the driver NVidia provide, Windows can install the driver automatic. Everytime I enter the game, a message about OpenGL error is shown. I install the NVidia’s driver, it’s OK. Will Linux exist this problem? For example, if you don’t install the driver, you still can’t use overlay in OpenGL.

I’m guessing you have a an Nvidia card.

Go to Nvidia’s website and download the drivers. And then:

$tar -xvzf NVIDIA_GLX***
#make install
$cd …
$tar -xvzf NVIDIA_kernel***
$cd NVIDIA_kernel***
#make install

Then you have to change your /etc/X11/XF86Config file.

You need to change:
Load “nv”
Load “nvidia”
and delete:
Load “glcore”
and you are done.

This has been discussed in this forum many times. Read the posts, read the README file that comes with the drivers. You should be fine.

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