how to use this extensions...

anyone ever used this extensions and light me up about it?


thanks in advance!!

Have a look for the specs here:

GL_EXT_cull_vertex enables a new method for culling with object normals and a culling direction in object space. This can lead to problems with edge-on polygons. Never seen an implementation with this.

GL_EXT_texture_lod_bias can be used to adjust the texture mipmap levels used for texturing.

GL_EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic is a nice thing which adds a new enum for TexParameter which enables the texture unit to use more texels depending on the topology of the transformed geometric primitive. Means more texels can be filtered into fewer pixels. This reduces texture aliasing (nice for Star Wars like text at the “if you can read this you don’t need glasses” point. )

I think EXT_clip_volume_hint is more or less a NOP with the current geometry hardware. They have to perform clipping anyway.

ok relic, thanks for your help…
ill go check out about this!

There is a sample application which uses anisotropic filtering available in the Radeon SDK:…nisoFilter.html