How to use the opengl2.0?

i develop the program with VC, i want to use some function of opengl2.0 .

should i update the driver of the video card ?
should i update the VC’s library ? which library or sdk should i get ? and where to get these library or sdk?
or both two above?

Windows supports only openGL 1.1 core functions. For the newer functions you have to use the extension mechanism. It can be quite simple if you use some libraries like GLEW .

You should also probably download the newes glext.h and wglext.h files. They can be found for example here . Copy these files into /include/GL/ directory of your developing environment ( visual studio )

OpenGL extensions are supported via drivers provided by GPU manufacturer ( nVidia ForceWare, ATi Catalyst, … ). So download latest drivers and then you can try for example this program to check which extensions are supported on your graphics card.

thanks a lot.
but i find the wgl and sdk is just v1.3 or below,why?

What SDK do you mean? There is no SDK for openGL as it’s for DirectX.

i am sorry,i am a beginer,but i realy don’t know what’s the sdk for opengl.

do you mean the sdk is provided by the GPU manufacturer ? Just as the ATI SDK ?

i have find a sdk name “ATI GL SDK”,is it the sdk you mean?

but in the release of this sdk,it say that “This SDK release is intended to support the GL driver for Radeon 9500 and above.”

if my target machine use the gpu just as Radeon 7000, can i use the sdk above?

Originally posted by darkwo:
if my target machine use the gpu just as Radeon 7000, can i use the sdk above?
Yes, if gpu support are extensions what askably by sdk’s sample. Extension for the program is set of new functions and tokens plainly.

There are a definitions of extensions on: , , .

In context of topic OpenGL 2.0 is OpenGL 1.1 + defined set of extensions plainly. :slight_smile:

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