How to use the GLIntercept?

I want to use the GLIntercept.I installed it and then it says copy OpenGL32.dll and gliConfig to the executable folder of my application. I am using visual c++. And there is a file named “gliIncludes.h”, and i want to ask how to use it.
Your advise would be appreciated.

You just have to “copy OpenGL32.dll and gliConfig to the executable folder of my application”.
You mean you don’t know where this folder is ?

yes,i don’t konw where the folder is. And in my app,should i use the file gliIncludes.h like #include<gliIncludes.h>?
I used visual c++ 2008 to build a project named RCSinProe4, and i put it in F:\ProToolkit. Should i put the files OpenGL32.dll and gliConfig_XMLFrame.ini in F:\ProToolkit\RCSinProe4\Debug?

To use GLIntercept, you do not modify your source files or build it into you application.
Simply put the OpenGL32.dll in the same folder as the exe that is generated - along with a gliConfig.ini file
(note that will have to rename files like gliConfig_XMLFrame.ini to gliConfig.ini for them to work)

In you case I suspect that F:\ProToolkit\RCSinProe4\Debug is the correct directory for the dll and config file (assuming you want to debug your debug build)

I will try.

I am using MS Windows 7 (64 bits) and MS Visual Studio 2010 to compile a OpenGL sample program (openGLTriangulo.cpp).
After that I downloaded GLInterceptx64_1_0_2.exe and installed.
I copied the OpenGL32.dll and gliConfig.ini files from C:\Program Files\GLInterceptx64_1_0_2\ to the path of my compiled program (openGLTriangulo.exe).

Now I execute openGLTriangulo.exe but there is no log file neither log of errors. It seems that GLIntercept is doing nothing.
What I am doing wrong ?

Also I tried installing GLIntercept_1_0_2 (for 32 bits apps) and copied the files but still not working.

You’re not reading the readme. :wink:

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