How to use tex2D

Hi to everyone.
I want to do an algorithm of image rotation. The code is like this

__global__ void Rotate(__read_only image2d_t imageIn, uchar4 * output, int width, int height, float angle)
 const int xOut=get_global_id(0); //block dimension x=16
 const int yOut=get_global_id(0); //block dimension y=4

 int x=(yout*width)+xOut;
 int y=(xOut*height)+yOut;
  if(x < width && y < height)
    // variables to hold the center coordinate of the image.
      // Texture operations use floating point coordinates
    float xf = (float)x - (float)width  / 2.0f;
    float yf = (float)y - (float)height / 2.0f;

    // transform to polar coordinates
    float r = sqrt((float)(xf*xf + yf*yf));
    float theta = atan2f(xf,yf) + 3.14159f / 2.0f;
    // compute the new theta by adding the rotation angle
    theta += radians(angle);

    // convert back to cartesian coordinates oriented at 0,0
    yf = r * sinf(theta);   
    yf += (float)h / 2.0f;
    xf = -r * cosf(theta);       
    xf += (float)w / 2.0f;  

    float4 out_val_f = tex2D(sampler,(float2)(xf,yf));
    // convert back to unsigned char and scale.
    uchar4 out_val;
    out_val.x = (unsigned char)(255.0f * out_val_f.x);
    out_val.y = (unsigned char)(255.0f * out_val_f.y);
    out_val.z = (unsigned char)(255.0f * out_val_f.z);
    out_val.w = 255;
    out_image[x] = out_val;


I have the problem when i try to use tex2d and sampler_t. This is the error
:117: error:unexpected type name ‘float2’ : expected expression float4 out_val_f=tex2D(sampler,(float2)(xf,yf));

Help me

Sorry…This is the real error
:117: error: incompatible type initializing ‘int’, expected ‘float4’ out_val_f=tex2D(sampler,(float2)(xf,yf));

There is no “tex2D” function in OpenCL. What you are looking for is called read_imagef(), which is explained in section 6.11.13 of the OpenCL 1.1. spec.