How to use OpenMAX IL to control audio hardware??

It seems OpenMAX IL does not support controlling audio hardware (microphone and speaker).
But it will be great to take the hardware into the scope of OpenMAX IL. That will provide a unified interface to control all parts of audio.

Please just answer me: Which API of OpenMAX IL can be used to do the audio hardware control (audio hardware path selecting, gain setting, filter controlling…)???

I see this message board is not very active. But I still wish somebody can spend one minute and share some ideas.

Thank you very very very very much.


The audio hardware can be(part of) a sink or source OMX component. The gains are controlled with “OMX_AUDIO_CONFIG_VOLUMETYPE”.
Concerning “audio hardware path selecting” (I assume you are talking about routing the audio to different outputs), this can be handled by different source/sink components each handling a specific path.
Eg: OMX.XYZ.Audio.Sink_path1, OMX.XYZ.Audio.Sink_path2 and so on…

Can you please be a more descriptive regarding the filter controlling. What filter you are talking about.