How to use OpenMAX FFT DL in my linux application?


Presently I am using FFTW library(fftw3f lib from in my linux application which is built using code sourcery tool chain for OMAP3530 target. Application is working fine on target board.

Now, I like to use highly optimized OpenMax FFT DL with my linux application. So I am using RVDS 4.0 for building my linux application.
I have source of OpenMax DL.
My application using functions like fftwf_execute(),FFTf() and fftwf_plan,fftwf_complex structure objects.
So, Does OpenMAX FFT DL has also similar type of functions and structures like FFTW library so I can use OpenMAX FFT DL directly in my linux application?

I have built omxSP.a library under lib folder. I am using Windows XP as host platform and OMAP3530 as target platform.

Please guide me.