How to use opengl in embedded operating system(wince)?

Hi all,
Now, I want to port an application(for win2000) to wince(with ARM cpu),
The application is developed in Visual C++, in which I used opengl and glu. I have copied and edited the application’s source code to Embedded VC project, what should I do then?
Can openGL API run in wince?
Must I port the openGL API code lines to openGL ES API code?
and how to set up the compilier environment? (where to place the .lib file)etc.

Thanks in advance!

Hi !

I have absolutely the same problem. Want to port an application to WinCe.
It is also developed in C++, I used gl.h and glu.h.

How I have to set up it in the eMbedded Visual C++ ?

Thank you for your help.


Try to learn with the tutorials presented in the Khronos contest (
There are enought information about those topics :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response!
I have studied the application listed on the webpage “”.
Let’s take “1st Place: Jetro Lauha - San Angeles Observation” for example. Jetro Lauha gives the source code for win32 and Linux, but how can I run the application in my WinCE system (with ARM cpu)? In other word, how can I run it in EVC’s Pocket PC SDK Emulator?

Thanks again!

Try the TyphoonLabs stuff. It was developed with EVC4 for Pocket and SmartPhones SDK’s

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