How to use OpenGL hardware acceleration in Windows


I have a NVidia GF4 MX video card, and I would like to use hardware acceleration in my OpenGL program.

However, when I check the PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR, there is no hardware acceleration(PFD_GENERIC_ACCELERATED&pfd.dwFlags == false).

I’ve already installed the OpenGL driver from the video card. It’s nvoglnt.dll in System32 directory. I am wondering how I can use the new driver from my code?

I also tried to copy the nvoglnt.dll file in my source code directory ,and rename it to OpenGL32.dll. But it generates an error: “The procedure entry point glMap2f could not be located in the dynamic link library OPENGL32.dll”.

I will appreciate your help.

Generic acceleration is for MCD based GL drivers, you want to check for full acceleration.

Also, most (all?) drivers these days only work with the Microsoft OpenGL32.DLL as with the ICD driver model, so they can’t be used as “MiniGL” drivers like you seem to want to. The last time I came across a driver like that was 7 years ago with the ATI Rage Pro and 3Dfx’s cards.

>>I’ve already installed the OpenGL driver from the video card.<<

You mean you have installed a complete new display driver package? Copying a single DLL will do no good, esp. not if it’s a driver file.

If you just install the NVIDIA drivers, you will get hardware acceleration.

Another way to check is to check the VENDOR string; if it contains the string “Microsoft” then it’s not accelerated, else it is accelerated.

When I set it to PFD_DRAW_TO_WINDOW, it works fine.

Thank you!