How to use *.obj file?


i want to display and use *.obj file by opengl.
but i can’t.
Do anyone display or use *.obj file on opengl?
Please advice me…

My environment is

WindowsXP Professional
Borland C++
*.obj file downlod at this site.


Search the forums or google for it. *.obj files are the easiest to load and several other topics here discuss it how to.

You can use the assimp-library for instance. See for more infos.


I’m sorry my explanation was not so enough…
I searched on google or this forum by words, “*.obj” , “opengl obj” and so on.
Some topic or site I hade found but not so mutch what i want…
Thank you.

I will try to use this library.
This is just what i want.
Thank you.

You can find a simple OpenGL-example directly in the source-directory. Feel free to ask if you have any issues with the lib.


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