how to use GLUT in c++builder

hi,guys!can someone tell me how to use glut in c++builder???
theres ‘link error’ when i compile my project.
tell me details.
i use windows 2000 pro and c++builder 6

you need to make sure your compiler can find glut.h, glut32.lib, and glut32.dll. this is true for any compiler, not just borland.

you didnt say what link error youre getting, so i can only assume it cant find a reference to a function. make sure you are linking with glut32.lib.

Are you using the C++ builder header and lib? Using the default ones doesn’t work I think because they’re aimed at MS VC++. Try googling on the subject. I’m sure you can find something. I remember having even panels ready to drop on a form! If you can’t find anything I can give you an address where you can download my own .lib and .h for C++ builder 6. Last time I compiled it worked. Can’t guarantee though.