how to use GLDeleteBuffers ?

even google didn’t find an answer…
i tried
gl.glDeleteBuffersARB(vecNum*12, ivec);
but it resultet in a crash
ivec is the number returned by opengl when binding the buffer - the rendering works.

First of all, is this an OpenGL problem ? the gl. prefix suggests that you are using some C++ or java layer on top of OpenGL so the problem might be in there.


to specify the question :
what is the first argument ?
number of the buffers to delete ?
size of the buffer in bytes ?
something else ?

If I’m not mistaken, the first parameter is the number of buffers you want to delete and the second parameter is a pointer to the first buffer you want to delete.

So glDeleteBuffersARB(1, @MyVBO) should delete that one overgiven vertex buffer object.