How to use extensions under Unix/Linux?


I’m having difficulty finding info on how to use extensions under Linux. I can get a list of available extensions using glGetString(GL_EXTENTIONS), but then how do I actually use them?

I assume I don’t just put them straight in the code, because that would prevent compilation on systems without them. Do I get a pointer to the functions from somewhere?

Does anyone know of a tutorial on this subject?

Thanks in advance,


Not sure. Looked at the documentation I had in a book but it didn’t really explain too well.

Try the Linux discussion forum on this same site. Could be the Linux programmers tend to stick to their own forum and not check the others.

You can just go ahead and use then. Get the latest extensions header from the sgi site. Use preprocessor directives to test whether you need to get function pointers for use under win32.

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