How to use DELETE key?

How can I use the DELETE key in OpenGL?

GL_KEY_DELETE does not work
and 47 does not work for ASCII code?

Is it possible? A lot of people use this key I hear but I cant seem to code it in… INSERT works… but not DELETE

OpenGL has absolutely nothing to do with the keyboard. You meant GLUT_ something.
Read a doc :

In your glutSpecialFunc callback, print the value of each keypress, run prog, hit delete, and use the value you see.

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But there is no GLUT_KEY_DELETE

I still cant get the “delete” key to work

I’ve tried different ASCII codes it doesnt work!

Does nobody have any ideas???

Re-read the post of ZbuffeR, he already explained what to do.

I dont know how to do what zbuffer said…

I cant print its value to the screen I cant code it…

Cant someone give me the values for insert and delete?

I don’t believe you can. Try glutKeyboardFunc.
Look here:

That’s because the ascii code for delete is 127!

void KInput(unsigned char key, int x, int y)
", key);
	if (key == 127) {
		// do your thing

Also be sure to register glutKeyboardFunc, not glutSpecialFunc.
Check google for glut’s manual.