How to use choose specific GPU device on linux for

Hi, I am working on a machine with two GTX 580 with one monitor.

  1. It is said that OpenGL will only choose the graphic card connecting to the monitor even with two graphic cards. Will OpenGL makes use of two cards if I use two monitors and improves the performance?
  2. How could I choose a specific device on linux for OpenGL with NVIDIA card? Someone told me we can only do this on windows. Is that true?

Any hint will help. Thanks.

The above isn’t correct (for NVidia GPUs at least) under Linux, and some of the above doesn’t really make sense. There are quite a few ways to configure multiple NVidia GPUs in the same box – probably more than you’ll ever need. And yes depending on your app’s needs and how you set up multiple GPUs, you can get up to a 2X speedup on the GPU side with 2 of the same GPUs.

Look at:

  • /usr/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0/README.txt

on your box, and search for instances of “multi-GPU” and “multiple GPU”, and “SLI”.

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