How to use Chinese Character in OpenGL?

yes,I know OpenGl can do it,but how?I really see the OpenGl 3D screen Saver(build in windows)display some 3D cool chinese charaters…

but i really donot know how to use these chinese characters in my opengl app.

only 26 letters in english,but there are more than 10000 characters in chinese.dare you use display lists?

please,donot tell me it is impossible,please tell me the way.

I think you should use bitmapped character
I don’t know if the chinese language have a lots of kanji(chinese symbol) so you may verify that by yourself.
If you don’t know what are bitmapped font you should check out the nehe tutorial about it. But to explain briefly it’s a technic that use a texture containing all symbols you wanna draw (letter or symbol) and for each letter you want to draw well you draw a textured quad with the good texture coordinates to select the right symbol.
It’s up to you to build that “symbols texture” !

Hope it helped.

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There’s no rule that says you have to include the entire Chinese dictionary.

Just the ones you want to display.

but,I am designing a RPG game.Game will use many chinese chatacters…NPC must talk each oth anf i must speak the story…

the bitmap method is not helpful to my case,I really want to know how the microsoft 3d opengl screen saver display those cool 3d chinese characters?It is not “Bitmap”.

I guess you wanna use a scalable font, like Truetype or Type1. Then you can use the freetype library ( to extract the outline of the font and convert it to line segments. The docs on there website are quite helpful.
If you dont wanna use an extra lib in your final game, then you can write a tool to convert the outline to source or something, using freetype (maybe there is such tool out there, already).
Oh, I remember a lib that could do that for you. It is called gltt, or the newer version is oglft ( It is able to draw an outline for you. But i dont know if it can create a real 3d object out of the 2d outline. But this should not be that difficulty