How to use a specified opengl .dll driver!?

Oke im in a strange situation. I have written a small demo for a school assignment. The program uses multi-textures but it the vidcard drivers are not installed the program wont run. So i took the opengl driver from another pc where the demo does run. Basicly i want to use the opengl driver “nvoglnt.dll” if the vidcard is not installed.

I tried to place the *.dll in the program folder but that didnt do the trick neither renaming it to opengl.dll or opengl32.dll. I dont have the right to install drivers on the machine, also i dont know if the teachers machine has the drivers installed.

Any suggestions

Well, if the teacher’s computer doesn’t have an nVidia card, you most definitely do NOT want to be using nvoglnt.dll. If it does, have him install the latest nVidia drivers.

If not, code your app to check for the extensions you use, and use an alternate method if they aren’t found.

All comp on our schoo, have nvidia cards. But i can supply both ATI and nVidia opengl drivers with the program and i could do a check what type of card it is and select the coressponding driver.

I think i will place in a readme/letter some instrctions. 90% plus of all the computers have the drivers installed. I will tell em to do that.