How to upgrade OpenGL version?


My laptop has graphics card - NVIDIA Quadro NVS 135M
I’m working with Borland Builder C++ 5 which by default comes with OpenGL 1.1 (as Windows XP )
I want to upgrade to a newer version and also to be able to use Shadding Language (GLSL)

So my questions are:

1.Where can I download latest OpenGL DLL and LIB files ready for use? (and some guidelines how to upgrade the version)

2.I expected that my NVIDIA graphic card would support GLSL,but when I run realtech VR OpenGL extension viewer ,I saw that the renderer is GDI Generic with OpenGL version 1.1 and with no Shading Language support(also a lot of more advanced stuff is missing - like multi-texture support…) Could it be that my NVIDIA driver doesn’t support GLSL or the system is using older Windows XP driver?

Please help me to sort out these annoying issues,I tried to search Goggle,but I didn’t find any useful guidelines ,I can’t wait already to start codding…

First: The latest OpenGL is provided by the graphics card drivers, so make sure you have the newest ones. When programming, you have to use the OpenGL extension mechanism to access any functions higher then GL1.1 as they are not statically exported via the OpenGL library on Windows XP. If the extension viewer shows you have no hardware OpenGL suport despite newest drivers installed, something in your system went wrong. Try reinstalling the OS.

Second: use forum search, this question is being asked every week and became really annoying!

And by newest card driver, it means the one provided by nvidia, not microsoft auto-update or whatever.

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