how to "stop drawing with a picture" ?

Hello, firt of all i’m french so…don’t be careful about the mistakes !!
Well, for instance i draw a triangle that is filled with a texture, next, when i want to draw lines, they are also filled with the texture !!
So i would want to find a function that disable the “texture fill”

yes, last thing, i don’t know if it better to use Lookat or the rotation…or if it is the same (i speak about the speed…) in a game like a “quake-like”.
Thank you !

In order to disable the texture, you have to use:


Of course that’s if you had a 2D-texture activated (which I suppose you had to fill your triangle…).

The same kind of code is used with 1D or 3D textures:


Il est pas si mauvais que ca ton anglais !



Forgot to answer the second part of your question !

Typically, if you decide not to use gluLookAt, you’ll end up building your own myLookAt function that will do exactly the same thing… Even worse: some people say they do not want to use GLU anymore so they stop using gluLookAt and rip the implementation of the function from MESA !

It’s up to you: if the only function you want to use from GLU is gluLookAt then you may as well implement your own…

Seeing that this function is typically used once a frame (OK, can be more if you are generating cube maps !), I don’t think there will be any speed difference…



Thank you for the answers.
It is alright except that it draw something white and don’t pay attention at glColor3d.

My part of code is :


NB for éric in french: eh eh je vois qu’on maitrise bien le french !! T’es pas de nationalitée française?

if you are using lighting glColor3f(…) won’t work you need to either use
x is a pointer to an array containing the three values you want for a color, for a simple project GL_COLOR_MATERIAL is easier, but I would recommend you learn about glMaterial