how to start?

I only took one graphics class. How can I have opengl work in linux? it confuse me, like how can I get the glut files and how can I install it. something like that. can anyone help me? thankx a lot.
From Alan.

Basically to do opengl graphics on linux you will usually use a set of graphics libraries called mesa. You can get them at Pretty much there are three basic libraries that you need do do opengl graphics on linux and they are included in the mesa package. The first are the include files gl.h, GLU.h, glut.h and you also need the corresponding, and to link your programs against. Pretty much i’ve found 2 books that are very useful for doing opengl graphics the first is Computer Graphics using open Gl (Second Edition) by F.S. HILL JR. and the second is OpenGL Programming Guinde by Woo, Neider, Davis and Shreiner. So if you checkout and the two books i’ve mentioned give me a email back and it will be easier to answer for specific questions.