How to specify a range for rand() in c?

that basically my question?

Use mod:

rand() % 10 <-- random number from 0 to 9.

Hope this helps.

Taking this farther than you may want to go:
rand() % 10 - 7 gives one of 10 random numbers from -7 to 2
( rand() % 10 -7 ) / 2.0 gives one of 10 random numbers from -3.5 to 1, etc.

Or even further, if the width of the range, n, is a power of two, you can use the following for example:
r = rand() & (n-1);

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So the most general solution is maybe:
let [k…l] is the desired range (k < l)
then this expression
(l - k)*(double)rand()/(double)(RAND_MAX) + k
will return you not more than RAND_MAX different “random” values in [k…l].
However, when l-k <= RAND_MAX, I suggest you to use one of the above solutions, since this one is several times slower…
RAND_MAX is the standard define for the maximum random value, returned by rand().

Hope this helps