How to simulate a procedure?

I want to simulate a procedure, this means I want to draw sutffes one by one. For example, I want to draw a column first, after that, I want to draw the second column, then the third one, … Each one should be drawn after the previous one is finished. How to do this? How to control it?

This is basically a program logic problem. You need to know what objects to render in the display pass. A simple list of objects to render that you add to will work

Perhaps I didn’t get myself understood well. I want to darw a column, then there will be some delay(one or two seconds), then draw the second colunm, … I already have the logic fixed. I just need the technology the do so.

I don’t quite understand you problem. Do you not know how to do the delays or not know how to break you draw function into a set of draws?

You already have the technology, you just need the logic.

In your display function :

if (timeToDrawColumnA) drawColumnA;
if (timeToDrawColumnB) drawColumnB;
if (timeToDrawColumnC) drawColumnC;

You can do that procedurally depending of your case, ex :
for i in 0 to n :
if (timeToDrawColumn(i)) drawColumn(i);

I don’t know how to do the delays.

Use a clock or a counter. The windows API offers the use of system clocks or other related timing functions.
This one’s quite useful - getTickCount(). Returns the number of milliseconds since Windows was started.