How to show opengl without creating a window for the GBA

I know this probably sounds like a very stupid idea. But anyways I was wondering how I could use opengl on the Game Boy Advance by which I mean how can I show what would be in a window without an actual window.
Is there a library (with good documentation) for the gba that I could use. Because I’ve looked at a couple without any documentation.
Anyways thanks in advance.

Is there an implementation of OpenGL for the GBA?

Even if there were, it would not be able to take advantage of the hardware at all, because the GBA only had 2D affine transformation, while OpenGL is fundamentally three-dimensional. In other words, you cannot emulate triangle rendering with sprites without very low performance. And you’d probably barely be able to render a hundred triangles in bitmap mode, leaving no room for any game logic.

If you want to have some form of 3D on the GBA, you’d have to ditch OpenGL’s abstractions for sure and make your own fit for the device.

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Yeah I was afraid of that but luckily I know how to draw lines on the GBA

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