How to setup Visual Studio 2005 for using GLUT ES?

I am trying to create a PocketPc application using GLUT Es and Vincent. I woulk like to ask if anyone knows what type of Visual Studio project should I create, as there are wizards using MFC, ATL , Win 32.
I tried using a MFC wizard, i deleted all other files generated by the wizard and kept only the stdafx.h and stdafx.cpp in order to keep the configuration and the architecture. I added my code in a new cpp file, added the glutes headers and library reference.
It compiles and links without errors but when i deploy it on the emulator i get a message saying that is not a valid Win32 application or just the error code 0x800700C1.
I am sure that the libGLES_CM.dll file is on the emulator and is the good version.
So, my question would be: how do you setup a Visual Studio 2005 project in order to be able to use GLUT ES?
Thank you for your answer!

Vincent requires Windows CE, so either you use embedded Visual C++ 4 (SP 3 or 4) or you can see if you can use the new Visual Studio 2008 (haven’t tried myself). In either case, you will want to create a Win32 application.

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I managed to create using Vincent and Open GL an pocket pc application with Visual Studio 2005. My problem is the fact that I would like to use GLUT ES in Visual Studio 2005 and for that I don’t know if I should create a Win32 project. Programming in Win32 implies that the Win32 library would manage the events, interactions between the user and the application and this is what GLUT ES is supposed to do. I am now downloading VSTO 2008 to see what’s new.
Thanks for your reply ! :slight_smile:

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