How to setup glRasterPos in pixels ?

Hello, I need some help here:

I have a window (let’s say 640x480 pixels) with a moving 3D scene and I want to draw a character at a fixed position (let’s say 150, 100 pixels) using glutBitmapCharacter.

I understand I need to set the raster position first using glRasterPos*.

I tried glRasterPos2i(150,100) but it seems it’s not assumed to work this way.

glRasterPos2i(1,1) works but the character appears in the middle of the window (and in the middle of the 3D scene) and move all around with the 3D scene.

So, I need some help to figure how to make this.

Thank you

EDIT: Ok, just discovered I need to use glWindowPos2i(150,100), a “new” function in GL 1.4